DFM Creative was formed to create, develop, and produce independent films that have a strong message and meaningful storylines while providing uniquely singular perspectives in entertainment.  

Mark Elias attended the Pennsylvania State University for Graphic Design and began his training as a concise and conceptual storyteller in the highly selective design program before studying film title sequences upon moving to Los Angeles. Studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse for acting, he began writing stories, a continuation of a hobby he had as a child. Years later he combined his writing ideas in screenplay formats with acting roles that resonated with specific and unique characters, while also aligning his relationships in Hollywood with each particular project being developed.   

DFM Creative began with a 12 episode YouTube series, The Adventures of Lewis and Clark (Laughlin International Film Festival, 2015, Best Lead Actors, Best Web Series), followed by the 5 episode YouTube series, Directions From Here. Moving further into narrative, DFM created the award winning short film Boulevard of Unspoken Dreams (Winner, Special Filmmaker Award, Marina Del Rey Film Festival, 2016). The first feature followed, Golden Boy (Winner, FilmOut Audience Award, Best Screenplay, 2018 / Winner, Best Director in a Feature Film, California Independent Film Festival, 2018), now out on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. The second feature, Boy Makes Girl is currently in post-production.

DFM has worked with actors such as Paul Dooley (Sixteen Candles, Hairspray, Cars franchise), John Billingsley (Star Trek Enterprise, Masters of Sex, True Blood, The Man From Earth), Armin Shimerman (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Boston Legal, Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Lex Medlin (Drop Dead Diva, Southland), Sean O’Bryan (The Middle, Olympus Has Fallen, Chaplin), Mike McGill (Shameless), and Michael Filipowich (Mindhunter, 24).

Joaquin Camilo joined the creative team with the launch of Boy Makes Girl in May 2019 as a valuable creative and producer on DFM’s projects. He is the lead producer on We Could Be Heroes, DFM’s upcoming project.